Since our foundation in 1961, Katayama Rubber Co., Ltd. has
focused on creating products that meet the needs of automotive
parts manufacturers and other customers using our rubber bonding
and processing technology.
Moreover, the introduction of in-house mold building since 2005
has led to dramatic progress in our processing technology.
We pride ourselves on products that are created in a quality-driven
corporate environment, nurtured through our experience with
automotive parts.
Based on our corporate culture "Tidy and in order, from our
workplace to our work," all of the staff will continue to take on
challenges in technological advancement.

Shigekazu Suzuki, Representative Director and President

Company Outline

Company name
Katayama Rubber Co., Ltd.
February 22, 1963 (Foundation 1961)
20 million yen
Number of Employees
109 (As of January 2022)
【Head Office / Kawasato Factory】 27 people
212-7, Akagidai, Konosu-shi, Saitama Prefecture
TEL +81-48-569-2259
FAX +81-48-569-2448

Head Office / Kawasato Factory Access Map

【Fukushima Factory】 82 people
40, Minami-sugama Awafumiishi, Ishikawa-gun
Tamakawa-mura, Fukushima Prefecture
TEL +81-247-57-2162
FAX +81-247-57-3780

Fukushima Factory Access Map

Business Activities
Manufacturing of industrial rubber products
Business Line
Rubber vibration insulator, other molds,
shock absorbing rubber, etc.
Main Clients
Yamashita Rubber Co., Ltd.
Tsubakimoto Chain Co.
Mitoyo Co., Ltd.
Miwa Tec Co., Ltd.
Keihin Metal Industry Co., Ltd.

Company History

1961 10
Founded Katayama Rubber Manufacturing in Warabi City, Saitama Prefecture
and began production and sales of industrial rubber products
1963 02
Incorporated as a limited liability company with capital of 1-million yen
1975 09
Began operations at Fukushima Factory
1990 01
Converted to a joint stock company and changed the company name to
Katayama Rubber Co., Ltd.
1990 05
Began operations at Kawasato Factory
2000 03
Increased capital to 20-million yen
2001 11
Obtained ISO 9001
2002 09
Consolidated the head office and Kawasato Factory and relocated the head
office functions to Kawasato Factory
2003 10
Obtained ISO 9001 (2000 version)
2005 01
Began operations at molding factory
2006 09
Built a second factory at Fukushima Factory
2008 08
Built a third factory at Fukushima Factory

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